Vet Mentor

A Virtual Assistant for Veterinarians, Veterinary clinics, Breeders, Animal shelters, Zoos, Livestock centers

If you are looking for a flexible and secure application to manage your veterinarian practice, then our Vet Mentor application is designed for you.

Vet Mentor was designed in collaboration with experts in your field to deliver a comprehensive solution for digitally managing pets’ and owners’ files, appointments and reminders, as well as reports and statistics, all from one place.

Vet Mentor is cloud-based, secure and can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile device so you can quickly and easily access data from wherever you are.


Manage a pet’s file including medical history, vaccines,treatments, surgeries, tests etc.

Organise your calendar with appointments, meetings etc.

Generate reports, tables, charts and statistics

One user or a group of users with different roles and access

Manage a pet owner’s key information – name, address,telephone etc.

Easily communicate with owners via email or SMS

Communicate through secure channels and encrypt data

Support includes updates for new features and elements

What will the Vet Mentor application enable you to achieve?

Integrate this flexible and powerful veterinarian application with your website, accounting or CRM systems

Some of the Benefits of using Vet Mentor

Always available – hosted in cloud servers so you can reach your data 24/7

Worldwide access to your application wherever you are

No extra hardware – all you need is an internet connection

Designed to be thorough and simple to use

Easy to modify to meet your needs

Mass data input and connection to external databases

Easy to add colleagues and give access upon your needs

Search and tag with multiple criteria

About security and authentication

The Vet Mentor application equips your business with multiple, flexible levels of authentication and security, allowing you to determine how users access information and how they are recognised.
All web pages benefit from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for complete peace of mind.
Other security features include: Single Sign-On, LDAP, Password Expiration Policies and IP Whitelists, which enable the administrator to control application access with incredible precision.

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